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Parent Classes-- Live on Zoom

Parenting From Your Whole Heart

Are you wanting to parent differently than you were parented, but not sure how?

This class will help parents develop a foundation of awareness, understanding and connection with their children, and a positive approach to what’s happening inside themselves.

🟆 Seeking ways to create a family culture of health, harmony and respect
🟆 Willing and open to approaching parenting through personal exploration and growth
🟆 Feeling challenged by the strong feelings and habitual behaviors parenting brings out
🟆 Looking beyond traditional approaches to discipline

🟆 Needing a supportive venue to work out their needs and values as parents

Parenting From Your Whole Heart is ideal for parents who are:

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Parenting From Your Whole Heart is based on concepts from neurobiology, attachment, Polyvagal Theory and Internal Family Systems-- if all that sounds technical, don’t worry, we’ll make these concepts accessible so you can use them to reduce conflict and improve your sense of connection and effectiveness as a parent.

Class will take place in a respectful, inclusive and safe online space for all people who are raising children, of any age, in any capacity.

Questions? Email Robyn at

The next 8- week class begins Monday September 18, 2023,  from 6:30- 8:30 pm, or Tuesday September 19 from 12 noon-1:30 PST. Cost is $200.00 USD or $300 for couples. Low-income spaces are available.

Comments from class participants:

"I *really* *really* liked that this class is not about fixing the child's behavior and is centered around the parent getting to know themselves and their own nervous system, reactions, and emotional inner world more. I also liked the variety of activities - videos, readings, visuals, discussion, role play - I found them all to be helpful."

"I appreciated each individual group member and getting to hear their reflections and stories. The depth and detail of the content was excellent. The class felt safe to be vulnerable and discuss real issues."

"This class was SO EXCELLENT. I cannot state that enough. I am so grateful that it exists. It is exactly the kind of parenting class that I was wanting and needing to attend, but hadn't found. It's a real gift to the community and I feel lucky that I was able to attend."

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